How to find your immigration lawyer

There are many immigration lawyer offices in Japan, but their service quality is vastly different.
Especially, in Tokyo area, there are many immigration lawyer offices that operate with incredibly cheap fee, but many of their clients are unable to get a good result.

In such offices, mostly, an unprofessional staff who is not Immigration Lawyer make up unskilled documents.
Also, they does not hear enough about your story or investigate your situation, so they are applying for your visa documents with insufficient information.

Some of our clients can not have good results from such offices, so they end up coming to us.
Typically, they only collect and submit minimal documents to Immigration, and it is not prudent for you to pay for such poor services.
Moreover, all the information you submitted to Immigration Bureau will be permanently stored in their database.
Submitting makeshift documents to the Immigration Bureau via such offices will cause you to suffer your stay in the future.

The important point is that visa examination is strongly influenced by the immigration bureau’s discretion.
In other words, the right to stay foreigners in Japan is not guaranteed by the Constitution and the visa examination is determined by extensive administrative judgment.
Therefore, visa consultation is not a service that can be simplified, because the solution will vary depending on the individual applicant.

We carefully hear your situation and present the best solution for you.
Needless to say, all materials to immigration bureau will be created by Immigration Lawyer himself.